Tips to Get Beautiful Gel Nails

What matters at the end of any manicure is – healthy and beautiful nails. For some nail enthusiasts, a nail job is a reflection of their creativity, while others may just want to show off their fashion sense. There are many ways and techniques to do nail jobs. One is gel nails that look beautiful and are long-lasting in situations when you can’t opt for a manicure every other day.

Nonetheless, like any other nail technique, this nail technique also tends to damage your natural nails in the long run. The frequent use of this art on nails can cause premature aging to the skin of your hands. Since these nails are cured under UV radiation, it has raised the concerns of increased risk of cancer, as well.

Tips to Get Beautiful Gel Nails

Despite this fact, nail enthusiasts felt the art irresistible when it emerged in the nail industry. Their long-lasting and glossy nature compelled nail technicians to find some foolproof protocols to do the art perfectly by exploding all the concerns associated with the technique. Through this write-up, we have also tried to burst out all the charges against this art. Let’s indulge in reading some tips to get beautiful and healthy gel nails.

Some Tips to Get Beautiful

Do Your Homework

As a beginner, it is better to have an actual idea about these nails and their relevant practices. They share similarities with traditional manicures so far that they are painted in the same way as traditional nail polish. What differentiates it is the curing procedure. Every coat of this nail polish requires some 20-30 seconds under an LED light to cure the gel polish.

As a starter, it is better to invest in the services of a professional salon to get this nail job done. However, if you’re a DIYer, then there are starters and professionals gel polish manicure kits available to perform the job. A UV light or LED lamp is the primary essential to set these nails..

Proper File Your Nails

Again, like any traditional manicure, this trend also requires prepping the nails before actual application. Ask your nail technician if all the tools are sterilized and disinfected. Since your nails are going to be exposed to harsh UV rays, don’t let your nail technician push the cuticles way too back.

Added to it, be wary of any symptoms of inflammation and infection on the skin of your hands. The removal process includes dipping gel polished nails into acetone, therefore, check with your dermatologist if you have some allergic concerns.

Use Sunscreen

One of the best practices that you should do is to apply a 30 SPF sunscreen onto the skin of your hands before applying any gel polish. Wear sunscreen and have no regrets – this is true for the skin of your hands, too. A good-quality sunscreen formula shields your hands against premature skin aging and skin cancer. Or you can use gloves with exposed fingertips to do a gel nail manicure.

This way, only the nails will get exposed to UV rays when curing and the rest of the skin around your nails will be secured. A nail technician also has to be mindful when doing gel manicures on his customer’s hands.

Don’t Pick off Gel Nails

Like all other nail practices, nails painted with gel polishes also start chipping away after a certain time. The gel is a tough formula that requires proper removal. Even if done properly, it can damage the nail plates. This being, we recommend you book an appointment in a salon with professional nail technicians to remove your gel manicure.

How to Remove Gel Polish

If you’re confident about your skills and want to remove gel polish at home on your own, make sure to dip just your fingertips in acetone to remove the polish. Use a grit file to break the seal of the topcoat and dip gel-coated nails into acetone until gel polish starts coming off.

Another option is to remove the polish with cotton balls. Soak the cotton balls in acetone before applying them to your nails with small pieces of aluminum foil wrapped around your fingertips. This ensures that the acetone only comes into contact with your nails. After about 15 minutes, the nail polish should be completely removed. Otherwise, book an appointment with your manicurist to protect your nails from the side effects of gel polish.


For better results and to maintain the well-being of your nails, apply cuticle oil to hydrate the nails and skin around. With that said, we think gel polish manicure should be applied moderately or on special occasions. To maintain the health of your natural nails and the skin of your hands, make sure to follow all the mandatory steps mentioned above. After all, natural nails when kept properly match second to none.

Have a safe nail art day!