The Most Popular OPI Gel Colors You Should Try out This Year

Women and nail polish are two sides of the same coin. How so ever you try, no one can separate them. Besides, why should anyone try to separate them when nail polish is an integral aspect of their beauty. A perfectly done nail manicure allows a woman to make a compelling fashion statement. When it comes to choosing colors, most women prefer to buy OPI gel colors as they have a broad spectrum of colors available for selection.

It is true that having a signature tone is a wonderful achievement, but it does not harm trying out different colors, especially when you have the liberty to do so. Let us discuss some of the best color shades to have in your OPI gel nail polish kit this year.

Top OPI Gel Colors You Should Try out This Year

The Dreamy Denim Blues are back

The blue shades have the lowest wavelength of all colors and hence come out looking resplendent. The various blue shades ranging from the deep violet colors to the lightest sky-blue hues make for exciting choices. You can try out the different blue shades throughout the year and still be left with many new shades to try out by the time the year comes to an end.

The dusky denim blues are the perfect contrast to the more fabulous blue shades with a purple tinge in them.

The Cherry Reds make an impression

Generally, women look forward to the winter shades like navy blue, plum, and chocolate to see them through the initial winter months before turning to the lighter and brighter hues in summer. The cherry reds present an excellent opportunity to serve as an ideal winter and summer shade simultaneously.

You would rarely find a woman who does not love the red shades. The fascinating aspect of the red color is that you can experiment with the lightest reddish pinks to the deepest of brick reds without compromising the beauty quotient. The cherry reds occupy a prime place in every OPI gel nail kit.

The Glittering colors have their place in the sun

Today women do not hesitate to experiment. The younger generation loves to try out different colors as they prefer to set the trend rather than follow them. Glitter polish allows them to try out various combos like gold on brown or silvery glitter pieces on dark blue hues. Applying glitter polish is an art that can be challenging to master. However, it is a fantastic asset if you do so.

The exciting fact is that the glittering colors suit practically every skin tone, from the fairest of women to women having tanned tones.

Iridescent shades suit people who love to take risks

Generally, the older women love to have a minimal tone, whereas the young folk is not afraid to take risks. The iridescent and metallic shades suit such people who love to walk the talk. These shades range from emerald green to the deepest of yellow ochres and look great on any skin tone.

If you plan to go out on a beach holiday, these iridescent shades are ideal as you can have a range of glittery nudes lined up for you when you buy OPI nails.

The Pearly look is excellent for weddings

Rarely does a year go by without you having to attend a wedding of a friend or a loved one. The wedding season is the time you take out the pearly hues from your makeup drawers. The pearly nails with a chrome-like finish can make people blush as they try out an exotic range of colors, from the foil accents to the cherry reds.

The Metallic hues are for the conservative-minded

As women grow older and graduate into motherhood, the urge to experiment recedes. They tend to become conservative with their nails. However, you are witnessing a new breed of young mothers who relish playing around minimal and abstract nail art. The trends today include shades of nudes, mauves, and metallic colors.

While the metallic hues suit blondes and brunettes alike, the gorgeous rose gold metallic polish is ideal for all skin tones.

The Neutral shades pack a powerful punch

Every OPI gel nail polish kit should have a couple of neutral shades because the modern, minimal nail art designs have a great demand throughout the year. While many people prefer the brick and terracotta tones, it does not harm to try out the forest green hues. These neutral shades are perfect for women of all ages.

Final Thoughts

Applying a gorgeous nail polish enhances the attraction quotient considerably. It looks great as you keep trying out one color after another throughout the year, depending on the seasonal trends. However, the colors discussed above are suitable for all seasons, and hence they are the most popular hues to try out. It is better to keep these points in mind when you venture to buy OPI gel colors.