How to Apply Dipping Powder Color at Home

Why are women beautiful? One school of thought says that God takes a minute more to create a woman than a man. Hence, women turn out to be the most beautiful of His creations.

On their part, women have left no stone unturned to enhance their beauty by using the best beauty products available on this planet. Nail polish is one of them. In the olden days, people used organic nail embellishments. Today, it has turned to synthetic ingredients. However, the result is the same. Women end up looking more beautiful than ever.

How to Apply Dipping Powder Color at Home

Let us see how to get the best Kiara Sky nails at home and look at your elegant best.

Step by Step Dip Nails at Home

Step 1:

Keep all your ingredients ready at hand. The apparatus includes a sterilized nail file/buff, cuticle pusher, lint-free paper towels, basecoat, Kiara Sky powder color, topcoat, cotton swabs, and cuticle oil.

Having these ingredients on hand is better because a dipping powder does not take much time to dry. You would not like to search high and low for something you need desperately, especially with the nail polish on your nails.

Step 2:

Wash your hand with warm water and sterilized soap. Wipe them clean before starting your nail manicure. Use the sterilized nail file and shape your nail perfectly. Setting the stage right is essential to a good nail manicure.

Use the wooden cuticle pusher to push the cuticles gently. You should ensure not to scratch the cuticles and injure them. It can create a significant mess.

Step 3:

Wipe your nails clean with the lint-free paper towel to ensure that not a trace of debris remains on your nails. It can smudge the nail manicure. You can apply a dab of cuticle oil to the cuticles to prevent the polish from sticking to it. Some people use adhesive tape, as well.

Step 4:

The next step of the procedure is to apply the basecoat. Use gentle strokes to apply the coat. On completing the application, you should dip your nails into the Kiara Sky dipping powder at a 45-degree angle. The right technique is to turn your nails towards the right and left side to ensure that the powder sticks to the entire nail.

If there is any excess powder on your nails, you can dust it off in a plastic saucer.

An alternative method of applying the dipping powder is to take out the dipping powder into another container. You can dip your nails into this powder. It is a hygienic way to do so because you do not contaminate the dipping powder inside the bottle.

Step 5:

Use a fine brush to even out the dipping powder. If you wish to have a thicker coat, you can dip your finger again. However, you should ensure to dust off the excess powder sticking to your fingers.

Step 6:

This step involves the use of the topcoat over the dipping powder. Use a clean brush to apply the glossy layer over the powder. It gives the necessary shine to your nails and makes them glow.

The best aspect of the topcoat is that it does not require any drying under the UV lamp. The topcoat dries almost immediately as you apply it. Exposing the nails to air can also dry out the topcoat in no time.

Repeat the entire procedure with each of your fingers. Now, you have exquisitely beautiful nail polish on your nails that can last for a minimum of three weeks. You can upload them with pride on your social media handles and change your social media accounts’ photo profile.

Why is dipping powder preferable to other nail manicures?

Women worldwide prefer to have a dipping powder manicure rather than go for gel polish or an acrylic job. There are many reasons for the same. Here are some of them.

  1. Dipping powder manicure lasts longer than other nail manicures. Hence, you can extend the time gap between two nail manicures and still boast of having beautiful nails.
  2. Dipping powder does not contain harmful chemicals as much as, say, acrylic polish.
  3. Dipping powder is not harsh on your nails. On the other hand, it strengthens the nails further.
  4. The dipping powder manicure is an easy process that one can master at home. Though a salon job is recommended, one can also do it at home.
  5. Dipping powder is available in exciting colors. Kiara dipping powder color is one such high-quality brand that is available in a fantastic array of colors.
  6. Removing dipping powder is also an easy process. One can learn the process and do it at home.

Thus, you see that acquiring Kiara sky powder nails is easy by following the process described above.