DND Nail Lacquer – A Nail Polish Experience to Remember for a Lifetime

Women and nail polish are inseparable. One can refer to them as two sides of the same coin. Women, the world over, have been using one form of nail polish or other for a long time. Well-manicured nails can enhance the overall confidence of the woman to enchanting levels. With all types of nail polishes available, women love to experiment with the astounding spectrum of colors. When it comes to nail polishes, one encounters an array of names, gel polish, lacquer, dip powder, etc. Gel nail polish DND has become a household name today, with a significant proportion of women adopting it to make a style statement.

DND Nail Lacquer – A Nail Polish Experience to Remember for a Lifetime

What is lacquer polish?

Nail polish has been in vogue for more than 5000 years dating back to 3000 BC in China. During those days, nail polish constituted organic materials like vegetable dyes, beeswax, gelatin, egg whites, etc.

Nail lacquer is similar in many ways. The origin of lacquer is in the French word ‘lacre,’ a sealing wax. The difference between lacquer and gel polish is that it dries off quickly when applied to the nails. Besides providing a shiny and trendy appearance to your fingers, it is easy to remove.

Both nail polish and lacquer are made from nitrocellulose dissolved in ethyl acetate. The nail lacquer acts as a thin film on the nails and serves as a protective layer on drying.

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Nail Polish Vs. Nail Lacquer

Though the two terms are synonymous and used interchangeably, there are specific differences.

  • Nail polish is more like a cosmetic ornament as it is useful for decorating your nails. Nail lacquer is better as it protects the nails from damage, as well.
  • Compared to nail lacquer, nail polish is thinner in consistency. Nail lacquers have a reputation for being thick coats.
  • Though nail lacquer can make your nails look shiny or glossy, nail polish gives them a designer look and feel.
  • Nail lacquers have a thick coating, whereby they protect and strengthen the nails. It is one of the significant advantages of using DND nail lacquer.
  • Cosmetologists and nail designers/stylists recommend using nail lacquer because of their durability and resistance to chipping.
  • When it comes to variety, nail polish is better placed than nail lacquer, as they are available in more colors.
  • Nail lacquer is preferred by women globally because they are easier to remove compared to gel polish. Removing gel polish involves soaking the nails with acetone-based products. In comparison, nail lacquer is easy to remove.

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How to apply nail lacquer?

A nail technician is an ideal person to go to for a clean manicure. However, you can apply nail lacquer at home by following these tips carefully.

  • Clean your nails using a high-quality nail buffer. File it to get a smooth surface.
  • The base coat and the top coating have equal significance. A good base coat strengthens your nails and protects them from breaking or peeling. You can prevent chipping of the nails by applying a decent top coating.
  • An excellent tip brush can prove useful to define the outline around your nail cuticles.
  • Apply the nail lacquer with care by tapping out excess polish from the nails to avoid smudges. A double coat can even it out while providing more vibrancy to the colors.
  • Right-handed people can find it a challenge to apply nail polish on their dominant hand. It is the same with the lefties. The solution is to lay the dominant hand flat and rotate it to ensure a uniform coat.

Benefits of using nail lacquer

Nail lacquer has its benefits. That explains why women love this cosmetic item more than the others.

  • Nail lacquer is free of harmful chemicals like DBP, camphor, toluene, and formaldehyde resin.
  • Using nail lacquer ensures that the nail gets a glossy coating.
  • The most significant advantage of using a nail lacquer is that it dries quickly without using UV treatment.
  • Nail lacquers ensure smooth application.
  • Though gel polish lasts longer, nail lacquers are also useful because they can last for a minimum of two weeks.
  • It is easier to remove nail lacquer compared to gel polish.
  • Nail lacquer protects the nails and prevents damage.
  • Nail lacquers offer excellent inter-coat adhesion to the top coating and base coat.
  • Nail lacquers are available in a fantastic spectrum of attractive colors.

Final words

Applying nail polish to enhance the nails’ beauty and her overall attractiveness is nothing new for women. With brands like DND Nail lacquer available easily, today’s women are having a fantastic time showing off their nails and beauty.

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