Everything You Need To Know About OPI Dip Powder Manicures

OPI nail dip powder is undeniably a fabulous product, and everyone who has tried it on at one time or the other can testify to the uniqueness of this product. Not only is nail dip a better alternative to gel and regular nail manicure, but it also offers extra durability for your nails and makes them stronger.

Everything You Need To Know About OPI Dip Powder Manicures

What are dip nails?

Dip nails or nail dipping powder are different kinds of nail manicures. You dip the nails into colored acrylic powder many times, then cure the nail polish using an activator and finishing with a topcoat. If you want durable nails, a nail dip is a good option for you. The nail dip system has gained popularity over the years, and you can always find nail care professional to handle it for you.

With a nail dip system, you can also try home manicures even as a newbie. OPI powder color is available at different places, and you can also buy OPI products when you search for OPI dip powder near me. You can opt for products at OPI wholesale stores, from online vendors, or other retail stores.

What are the benefits of dip nails?

Nail dip powder is faster and simpler to apply, unlike regular acrylic nails and gel nail polish. You can also put on OPI dip nails for as long as two weeks with the same shine and luster. In addition, the nail dip system is odorless and is not harmful. However, the result afterward is similar to that of gel-like shine, but there’s no need for curing with an LED light.

OPI nail polish system has various shades, ranging from Strawberry Margarita. Bubble Bath and lots more. In addition, you can create beautiful manicures, and different nail art looks using the nail dip from OPI. Finally, it is essential to note that OPI dip nail colors does not damage your natural nails when you remove them properly using the appropriate removal method, which is the soak-off wrap removal method.

If your nails are fragile, ensure you pay extra attention to your nails. With manicures, the list is endless. From acrylic to gel then dip powder, the nail dipping system stands out among the rest.

Dip powder and gel nail polish are popular manicure methods and belong to the acrylic family, although they are different in various ways. You can always try out new things with these DIY manicures. However, the difference is in their application process because dip manicure does not involve curing under LED or UV light.

On the other hand, a dip manicure uses a colored acrylic mixture of glue resin that cures in the open air. The application process is just as it sounds: paint a primer or base coat on the nails while the pins are wet, dip the nails into a small container of colored acrylic powder.

You can carry out this procedure in layers, or your professional manicurist can take on the task. When you attain your desired coverage, which is usually two to three rounds of dipping, you can use activator polish to brush on the nail’s surface as a top coat, so the formula starts curing in the air.

Nail dip powders have glue that bonds them together, and this glue is called cyanoacrylate, a strong adhesive. You can think of dip powder as a resin with a glue base that hardens upon exposure to air. Polymers of dip powder are more robust than gel polish; that’s why nail dip manicures tend to last longer.

The removal process for dip powder manicures takes more time because you need to soak the nails for at least  10 to 20 minutes so the nail formula can wear off. Instead, use a nail file on the top coat of your nail polish and soak it in a solution of acetone.

During the removal process, ensure you take your time, so you don’t cause any damage to your nails. The removal process takes time, and some people can’t seem to wait that long. So they pull it off and affect their nails. Ensure the nails dissolve well in acetone, then keep your cuticles hydrated afterward. Avoid contaminating your nails during trimming or filing.

Also, be cautious of the nail dipping pot you are putting your nails on. That’s why we recommend shopping from a trusted brand. You’ll find trustworthy vendors on reliable sites when you search for OPI powder near me.  With OPI nail dip, you should never settle for less.


OPI nail dip system stands out at all times. Get quality OPI dipping powder from ”OPI dip powder near me” stores. OPI stands by quality at all times, and you can trust that you are getting the best. Don’t wait anymore. Get an OPI nail dip for your manicure set.

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